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Why You Should Use A Direct Insurance Repair Facility

If you have recently been involved in a collision or if your vehicle has some other type of body damage, you're probably looking for the best shop to take it to. If you are working with your insurance company to have your repairs paid for, then you may want to think about choosing a direct insurance repair facility for these reasons.

They Often Perform Good-Quality Work

The main thing that you are probably concerned about right now is making sure that your vehicle is repaired properly. After all, it's important to make sure that your vehicle is safe. For example, the bumper on your vehicle is designed to help absorb shock in an accident, and if it's not repaired or installed properly, your vehicle could sustain more damage in even a minor accident. This could put you and your passengers at a greater risk of getting hurt if an auto accident does occur. Additionally, the value of your vehicle can be significantly impacted based on the quality of the bodywork that is done. If your car is repaired properly, you can help salvage your car's value. If this bodywork is not done properly, though, your vehicle could lose a significant amount of value. Lastly, you are probably concerned about the appearance of your car. Having it repaired by a body shop that does good work will allow you to feel proud of the way that your vehicle looks. Insurance companies understand how important it is for vehicle body repairs to be done the right way. Typically, they choose body repair shops that have certified technicians and that focus on doing good work on the vehicles that are brought in. If you don't know which body shops in your area are reputable, choosing a shop that works with your insurance company can help.

They'll Handle the Paperwork and Hassle

Dealing with your insurance adjuster and insurance company can be a huge hassle. There is paperwork that has to be filled out, and you have to worry about meeting with an insurance adjuster. Although you will still have to be involved in the claims process, you can minimize the hassle and paperwork that you have to do by choosing a direct insurance repair facility. These facilities typically work with the insurance company directly, reducing the hassle that you have to worry about.

There's Less of a Chance of a Problem With Your Insurance Company

By working with a direct insurance repair facility, you can help prevent problems with your insurance company and your claim. For example, if a body shop that your insurance company has never worked with before gives a higher quote than what your insurance adjuster anticipated, your insurance company could try to fight the claim. If you use a body shop that your insurance company works with regularly, though, you can help prevent this type of thing from happening.

Avoid Having to Wait for Reimbursement

In some cases, if you choose an out-of-network auto body shop for your car repairs, you might have to pay out-of-pocket and then wait for reimbursement from your insurance company. This might not be something that you have the budget for, or you may want to avoid putting this much money on the line, even temporarily. When you work with a direct insurance repair facility, then your insurance company can pay the auto body shop directly so that you don't have to worry about being involved in the financial part of the process at all. If you are looking for the right auto body shop to take your car to, it pays to look into taking it to a direct insurance repair facility. Jim's Auto Body is a direct insurance repair facility, so call us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you get your car back to its pre-accident condition.

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