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In an Auto Collision? We Can Fix It!

If you have been in a car accident, the most important thing is the safety of yourself and everyone else involved. Once the dust has settled, you are going to need to look into auto collision repair in order to get your automobile back to working condition. Jim’s Auto Body can provide you with superior, hassle-free service. You can count on us to provide you with a calm, relaxing environment, and we can recommend the best accident repair techniques so you get your car back quickly and affordably. We use Shark Sonar measuring equipment to assess the damage, and all our repairs are 100-percent energy compliant. We are ASE certified and ICAR Gold Certified.

What Happens After a Car Accident

Serving Concord, Antioch & Walnut Creek Areas

The first part of any repair process is assessing the vehicle damage. Most of the damage will be readily apparent, but there may be other issues underneath the surface that need to be addressed. Once everything has been looked at, we will meticulously disassemble your vehicle in order to better determine whether parts need to be replaced or simply repaired. We will then order the best parts for your vehicle that are manufacturer-certified. We will start repairing the frame by removing any dents, replacing crumpled components and straightening the body. Once all the proper replacement parts have been obtained, we can reassemble your vehicle and make it look and function as good as new.

Looking for a reliable auto body repair shop can be difficult, but you will not have to look any further when you hire Jim’s Auto Body. Anyone living in the Concord, Antioch and Walnut Creek areas can give us a call to learn more about their repair options.

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