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Painting a Car


Efficient Paint Repair for Cars & Trucks

After being in an accident, even a minor one, your car is most likely going to suffer some damage. Even if everything on the inside is still working fine, there will be visible damage to the body, and in some cases, you need effective frame repair to restore your automobile to factory specifications and to look great once again. Fortunately, you can take your auto to Jim’s Auto Body in Concord to get reliable auto body repair. We offer all types of refinishing services to restore the look of your vehicle and precision frame straightening and mechanical repair services. Getting in a car crash does not mean you should have to go through an ordeal to get your car back to great condition. We make the process as simple as we can to help you get through this difficult time.

Tricks for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Appearance After Repainting

Our technicians are PPG-certified and can expertly match custom auto paint colors. We use Nova Verta, Italian made, top of the line paint booths to achieve an ideal paint application, so when you retrieve your vehicle, it will look brand new once again. In order to maintain your car’s appearance for as long as possible, wash it at least once every week. You should only use soft sponges and 100-percent cotton towels. Using non-abrasive agents, polish your vehicle once every month. You should also promptly remove any potentially harmful substances from your vehicle, such as bird droppings. Vinyl, plastic and rubber coverings should not be placed over your car. With these small touchups, your car will continue to look great for some time to come.

Get Your Auto a Touchup

Getting a high-quality paint job to repair scrapes in Concord, Walnut Creek or Antioch can greatly improve the resale value of your car and enhance your enjoyment of it while you still have it. We can also help you with auto collision repair. To learn more about what we can provide, call us at any of our convenient locations.

Check out our NEW Paint Booth at our Antioch location!

Manufactured by Nova Verta, our new paint booth at our Antioch location is permitted through the City of Antioch. We are pleased to be only 1 of 2 shops with this large of a booth in our local area. Measuring 31 feet deep and 10.5 feet tall, this booth can fit a vehicle as large as a Sprinter Van. It truly is impressive and it's available for you today. Please contact our Antioch location to learn more at (925) 754-7600.

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