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Why Your Car's Minor Fender Bender Still Needs Professional Attention

Rear-end collisions are the leading type of car accident a driver can have in the U.S., with 40 percent of wrecks being this kind of incident. While you are lucky that your own fender bender wasn't severe enough to immobilize your vehicle and nobody was hurt in the incident, you should still have an auto body mechanic inspect your vehicle's small dent or scrape. Here are just some reasons why your car's seemingly minor traffic accident calls for a professional inspection. Before seeking auto repair services, ask your technician if they can assist you in filing an insurance claim to lessen your out-of-pocket costs.

Your Car's Performance May Be Affected

What looks like very minor outer damage to you could actually be more serious damage in the undercarriage of your car. When metal is manipulated in a crash, the material can actually be pushed into your wheel well and make driving more dangerous. Even if you don't notice any sounds, resistance, or pulling on your vehicle, you should still have your front or rear bumper inspected, depending on where the damage is located. Your auto body mechanic will remove your bumper to see if any deeper destruction exists that needs repairs.

Your Car's Protection May Be Compromised

The main purpose of your car's front and rear bumper is to absorb the bulk of the shock in an accident. In short, your bumpers are what help protect you and your passengers from the entire force of a collision. When your car is involved in a wreck, however small, your bumper's ability to absorb the shock of impact is immediately compromised. Thus, even a minor accident can keep your car from protecting you from even a tiny accident in the future. Your auto body mechanic will be able to tell you how severe your car's bumper damage is. In many cases, small dents and dings can simply be repaired. If your bumper has a tear that goes through the material or very large dents, however, replacement may be the best solution.

Your Car May Be Vulnerable to Rust

Any dent or scratch in your vehicle exposes the machine to potential rusting. The paint job on your car is designed to protect the material framing from water, which quickly leads to rust. Rust can spread from one metallic component of your vehicle to another and turn a small repair (an average dent costs around $85 per panel to fix) into a more costly problem. What repairs you need depend entirely on how severe the damage is. As mentioned above, some components may need replacement if the bumper has been torn through or severely cracked in your small wreck. However, smaller dents and dings may simply be pulled or buffed out using special tools. Never attempt to fix any auto body damage to your car on your own. You may not have the right tools to repair dents and position bent metal components correctly. In addition, you likely don't have the expertise to see how severe the destruction is to the rest of your vehicle. Instead, allow you auto body mechanic to work with you and your auto insurance company to file a claim to fix your minor fender bender damage. The right auto body mechanic can give you an estimate for repairs, as well as a rundown for why they are necessary. When you get into an auto accident, large or small, contact our team of experts at Jim's Auto Body. Our goal is to put your car back in its original condition again. Give us a call today to request an estimate!

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