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The Multiple Benefits of an Automotive Paint Job

If you drive an older car that has begun to show some age, you might want a professional to paint the vehicle. An automotive paint job will have several benefits for your car.

Give Your Car a Renewed Appearance

If you want to purchase a new car but don’t have the financial resources to do so, an automotive paint job may be an affordable alternative. A paint job isn’t identical to a new car purchase, but you can hire a professional to paint your current car for a lot less than you can buy a brand-new vehicle.

Some automotive paint jobs cost as little as $300 and other ones are as much as $7,500. Even an expensive $7,500 paint job is much more affordable than the average price of a new car — which was $36,718 in April 2019.

Painting isn’t a suitable solution if you truly need a new car because your current one has major mechanical problems. If you simply want to upgrade your vehicle for aesthetic reasons, though, a paint job is preferable to taking on debt just to get in a new vehicle that looks different.

Increase the Value of Your Car

If your car is in good mechanical condition but the exterior has deteriorated, a professional paint job could substantially increase the value of your car. How much you can expect to increase your car’s value with a paint job depends on a couple of factors.

First, the condition of the car comes into play. A paint job could have a significant impact on value if the car is in good mechanical condition, but no amount of exterior aesthetic work will vastly increase value if the engine has significant problems.

Second, how expensive your car’s year, make, and model is also has an impact. A cheap car will see a limited increase in value simply because the car isn’t worth that much to begin with. In contrast, a luxury vehicle that’s expensive could see a substantial increase from a high-quality paint job. On a luxury vehicle, a paint job can increase the resale value by thousands of dollars.

Depending on the specifics of your car, you might be able to get more than the paint job’s cost back when you sell the car. Even if the increase in value isn’t greater than the price of a paint job, you can still significantly reduce the net cost of the work after you take into account how much more you’ll get when you sell.

Protect Against Future Rust

Many vehicles accumulate minor scratches and dings from keys, snaps on jackets, and branches that contact a vehicle’s exterior. Aside from the aesthetic blemishes that these cause, they pose little threat in the short-term. Over many years, though, even small scratches and dings can lead to corrosion.

The paint on a vehicle effectively blocks the elements (namely water) from coming into contact with the metal that forms a car’s structure. When the paint is scratched, however, water is then able to come into direct contact with the metal. This can lead to corrosion. The iron in a car’s metal interacts with the water that contacts it – and rust forms as a result.

The most effective way to prevent rust from forming where little scratches exist is to paint over the scratches. A new paint job will create another barrier to protect the underlying metal against corrosion. This can further help maintain your car’s value, as rust can be detrimental to both condition and overall selling price when you sell.

If you want a new paint job for your car, contact Jim’s Auto Body.

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