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5 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle From Parking Lot Dents

The parking lot is actually the source of dings and scratches on countless vehicles. When you enter a parking lot, you need to know how to protect your vehicle from damage.

1. Park Further Away From the Store

When you go to the store, don't try to get the closest parking spot to the store. The parking spots closest to the store are the most highly-used and highly-coveted spaces in the parking lot. When you grab a parking spot close to the store, your walk may be shorter, but you increase the chance of your vehicle getting dinged up because multiple cars are likely to park next to you while you are in the store. Instead of parking in the center, in front of the store, park further out on the sides. You may still be able to grab a spot close to the front, just a little more to the side of the store's entrance. You can also park further out, more in the middle or back end of the parking lot, where people are less likely to park on an everyday basis.

2. Avoid Parking Near the Cart Return

Next, when you go to the store, avoid parking right next to the cart return. When you park next to the cart return, you increase the likelihood that your vehicle will get dings by a shopping cart. Your vehicle could get dinged by a shopping cart when someone is rushing to put the cart away. Or it could be dinged by a random cart that didn't make its way into the shopping cart return.

3. Park Near Cars That Are the Same Height as Your Vehicle 

When you have to park next to another vehicle, choose the vehicle wisely. When you park next to a vehicle that is taller than your vehicle, you increase the risk of your vehicle getting dinged up. For example, if you drive a regular commuter vehicle, and you park next to an SUV, whose doors are situated higher up than your vehicle, if they hit your vehicle with their door, the ding will be noticeable. However, when you park next to a vehicle that is a similar height to your vehicle, you lessen the chance of obvious dents.

4. Pay Attention to the State of the Cars Near You

When you park next to other vehicles, pay attention to how the vehicle looks. The owner of a vehicle in pristine condition, with no body damage, is more likely to exercise caution than the owner of a vehicle that has a lot of body damage. Choose to park next to vehicles that are in good condition and avoid parking next to vehicles that have lots of visible body damage. It's better to park next to an old car in new condition, then a new SUV that has a damaged back bumper and big dings on the door.

5. Give Vehicles With Car Seats Extra Room

Finally, when you park near other vehicles, be on the lookout for Baby on Board stickers or vehicles that have visible car seats in the back. Someone who has to take a child in and out of a car seat may need to open their doors up all the way, which increases the chance of your vehicle getting dinged, especially in a close parking lot. So give cars with signs of children plenty of room. Follow these tips to protect your vehicle from unnecessary parking lot dents and dings. If you end up with a minor dent or paint scratch, give us a call at Jim's Auto Body. We can fix the damage and ensure that the dent doesn't cause bigger issues, such as rust damage to your vehicle.

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