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3 Reasons to Have a Professional Paint Your Car

When the paint on your car is starting to show its age, you may want to consider a new paint job on the car. A car that runs well but looks bad is not fun to drive, but you can make it look great again with a little work and a new coat of paint. When you are ready to repaint the car, consider taking it to a professional; here are some reasons why.

1. Painting Requires a lot of Body Preparation

A lot of work goes into a great paint job. Fixing any dents in the car, replacing rusted sheet metals, and aligning the panels on the body so that the fit is right is the first step. If the car needs a lot of bodywork, stripping it to the bare metal is a good idea, but if the body of the vehicle is in good shape, it may only need to be sanded and primed before the paint goes on the car. The painter will know just how much work needs to be done to the body and take the steps that are appropriate. The preparation to the body is critical to the quality of the final paint job so getting a professional to prepare the body and make sure all the body panels are straight will help ensure that the final paint job is the best it can be.

2. Painting Requires a lot of Experience and Knowledge

Paint takes time to cure. The process of letting the vapors flash off, so the paint cures is critical to a good paint job. While the painter is spraying the car, the car needs to be in a paint booth that has filters built into the air intake system. The filters will keep small particles of dirt or other unwanted debris from falling in the paint and running the paint job. Most professional shops have a paint booth to spray and cure the paint. The booths that most shops use are positive pressure booths that force filtered air in and dirty air out through more filters. This positive pressure system is critical to getting the highest quality finish possible on your vehicle.

3. Paint Requires a lot of Equipment

The equipment used by the professional painter or body shop is expensive. Most shops invest in many spray guns, large air compressors, and filtration systems, and many other tools to be able to produce high-quality paint jobs on vehicles every day. For the enthusiast that is going to paint one car, getting that same quality would require a lot of money and a lot of experience. In most cases, the car enthusiast that has never painted a car may not be happy with the results they get the first time. Unless you plan to paint the car several times, it is better to take the vehicle to a body shop for a new paint job. At Jim's Auto Body, we have the experienced staff to fix your car after a collision, repaint an older car for you, or customize your ride. With three locations to serve you, we would love to help with your auto body needs. Come by and visit the shop today and we can give you a quote.   We are happy to help you with any personal injury needs you have.

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