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4 Reasons to Take Your Car to a Professional Body Shop

A new car is a significant investment, so it is natural to want to keep the car looking great. Damage to the paint and body of your car will lower the value, even if your car is just a few months old. The best way to deal with damage, whether it is minor or major, is to take the car into a professional body shop for repair.

1. Scratches and Dings

Small scratches can happen pretty quickly in a parking lot or when you are away from your car. A deep scratch that goes through the clear coat and the paint needs repairing as soon as possible. Deep scratches can allow moisture to get under the paint and eventually cause rust and other damage. Door dings and other small dents in your car are equally disturbing to look at, but they are not as likely to cause further damage. You will have to decide if they bother you enough to get them repaired or not. If you choose to, a professional body shop can deal with the repair quickly and efficiently.  

2. Collision Repair

In 2010 there were over 5.4 million collisions involving passenger vehicles in the United States. Repairing a car involved in an accident has to be done correctly, or the car may not be safe to drive. A damaged front end might look minor, but there could be frame or unibody damage under the car that you cannot see. A car with damage that involves straightening or replacing sheet metal will also need to be painted, at least partially. This process can include color matching the new paint to the existing paint and blending the two so that the repair doesn't stand out.  

3. Rust Repair

A lot of things like salt air, long-term exposure to the element, or damage that was left unrepaired can cause rust. The process to remove the rust and repair the affected part of the car often means disassembling some pieces to get to the rust. If the rust is not removed completely it could return eventually. Often the extent of the rust can't be seen until after the repair work has started. As the removal of the paint and rust starts, the area affected may begin to grow in size. A good body shop will contact you if this is the case with your car and let you decide how far you want to go with the repair.

4. Frame Straightening

Modern cars have a body and frame that act as one unit. What used to be the frame rails in older cars are now made from sheet metal and welded to the underside of the vehicle. This design makes the frame of the car much more likely to be damaged with even a minor crash. In more significant collisions, the entire car can be twisted and cause damage or premature wear to other parts over time. Most modern body shops have the equipment to check the body and frame of the car to make sure that both are in alinement. Your mechanic can take the car’s measurements with lasers and a computer to ensure that the body and frame meet very high tolerances. If you suspect the frame or body is out of alignment on your car, you can have it checked anytime. For car owners in the Concord, California, area, contact us at Jim's Auto Body to discuss your auto body repair needs. We have a team of professionals in three locations, and we pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality repair for your vehicle. Stop by or call today to set up an appointment or get an estimate on your repairs.

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